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    Your experts for sustainable development – because we have a responsibility to the future

  • Sustainability and sustainable development are at the very core of our day-to-day business. No matter where we may be working in Belgium and no matter what particular task we may be doing – our services always focus on protecting the environment, curbing climate change and conserving our planet’s natural resources.

  • A global goal with regional initiatives: sustainable development begins locally as everyone has a role to play

  • 81 percent of Belgians are worried about the environment. And 85 percent would like more to be done to prevent global warming . We are doing everything in our power to make sure progress is made in both these areas. For example, by combining our activities in Belgium with the wide-ranging expertise of the whole of the REMONDIS Group – one of the world’s leading recycling, service and water companies.

BUCHEN Industrial Services – services for large industrial plants

    • Production plants have to be cleaned regularly to ensure they operate effectively and remain safe

    • Being an industrial service provider, BUCHEN Industrial Services N.V. works for companies across Belgium, in particular for those operating in the chemical and petrochemical sectors. It primarily delivers industrial cleaning and reactor services. BUCHEN is able to perform all the services itself – from inspecting the plants and providing expert advice, to efficiently carrying out all the tasks needed, all the way through to drawing up the documentation. The company is well known for its highly specialised and often automated services as well as its exemplary quality and safety standards.
      Find out more at buchen-group.be

REMONDIS Industrial Service – process-integrated concepts for residual and recyclable materials

  • REMONDIS’ goal is always the same – to produce raw materials and products that can be returned to production cycles

  • REMONDIS Industrial Service S.A. N.V offers its customers across Belgium a whole range of services for all types and volumes of hazardous waste. Working on behalf of printing firms, photo laboratories and a wide variety of industrial businesses, the company deals with all matters regarding the storage, collection and transport of residual materials. Priority here is always put on recycling the substances so that they can be returned to production cycles. To be able to do this, REMONDIS Industrial Service operates an efficient infrastructure with a national logistics network and state-of-art recycling plants.

    Find more at remondis-industrial-services.be

REMONDIS Belgien S.P.R.L – services for local authorities, local residents and commercial businesses

  • We provide services for more than 500,000 people living in Belgium

  • REMONDIS works together with local authorities in several different Belgian provinces where it is responsible for handling residual and organic waste from households. It often uses state-of-the-art technology to fulfil its tasks of storing, collecting and transporting these materials, such as electronic pay-as-you-throw systems (measured by weight) and vehicles with Euro 6 emissions standards. Many other services are provided by the company besides managing household waste – in particular in the areas of container services and commercial waste as well as operating household recycling centres and sorting plants. To find out where our individual business locations are, simply go to remondis-locations.com

    Further information about our companies, REMONDIS DEPOORTER, REMONDIS DE VOCHT and REMONDIS WC2000 DECHET can be found at:
    REMONDIS DEPOORTER: remondisdepoorter.be 
    REMONDIS DE VOCHT: remondisdevocht.be
    REMONDIS WC2000 DECHETS: remondis-stavelot.be

    You can order products and services straight from the REMONDIS' online shop.
    Here you can find our REMONDIS-shop

XERVON GmbH – industrial services and in-depth expertise

    • Safety first: XERVON fulfils the highest quality, health & safety and environmental standards

    • XERVON GmbH is your expert for setting up and maintaining technical plants and facilities. The company has two branches in Kapellen and Hasselt from which it offers its portfolio of specialist services across the whole of the country – from scaffolding, to industrial insulation and surface technology, all the way through to painting and façade work. Its customers primarily operate in the chemical, petrochemical, energy and construction sectors. XERVON is well known for its stringent quality and safety standards, its high levels of flexibility and its ability to always deliver within schedule.
      Find out more at xervon.be

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