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  • Do you have a question about our work in the recycling, service and water sectors? We're very happy to help – to provide you with information, to give you advice and to hear any suggestions or criticism you may have.

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How to contact our main companies

  • The list below provides the addresses and contact details of the Dutch head offices of the REMONDIS Group companies. A full list of all REMONDIS companies and branches around the world can be found at

    • REMONDIS International

      REMONDIS Belgien BVBA
      Rue des Alouettes 131
      4040 Milmort
      T +49 234 8921240
      F +49 234 8921226

      REMONDIS Belgien S.P.R.L.
      Rue des Alouettes 131
      4040 Milmort (Herstal)
      T +49 234 8921240
      F +49 234 8921226

      REMONDIS Medison

      REMONDIS Industrial Service S.A./N.V.
      Niederlassung Milmore
      Rue des Alouettes 131
      4040 Milmort (Herstal)
      T +32 4 2288560
      F +32 4 2276930

      REMONDIS Recycling

      REMONDIS Recycling
      G.R.L.-Glasrecycling nv
      Dellestraat 10br />3560 Lummen
      T +32 13 530 660
      F +32 13 530 669


      BUCHEN Industrial Services N.V.
      Hoogbuul 17
      2250 Olen
      T +32 14 216704
      F +32 14 220250


      XERVON GmbH
      Region Benelux
      Standort Kapellen
      Industriezone Vloeiende / Leo Baekelandstraat 5
      2950 Kapellen
      T +32 3 6601530
      F +32 3 6601565

REMONDIS’ head office in Germany

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